Living a Christian Life…

Living a Christian Life…
You’ll often feel like the odd one out. Good! You’re outside of the drama. You’re outside of the mess. You’re outside of the headaches & heartaches.

You’ll probably get called a square. Embrace it! You are! That’s why you don’t fit in their circle. Don’t worry, you’ll come to find there are plenty of squares just like you! LOL

You’ll sometimes feel that you’re missing out. Or That God is trying to keep fun away from you. Believe me; You’re not missing nothing! And You’re on the path towards God’s Best! There is no good thing He will withhold from you! Be patient and Keep going!

You’ll find friends. You’ll lose friends. People will come; And people will go.
Some relationships will have seasons, it’s just the way it goes. Just keep your eyes on Jesus; and you’ll never be alone.

You’ll get tired. You’ll grow weary. You won’t feel like doing what you’re supposed to. But then, you’ll remember that His grace is sufficient! You’ll remember that His strength is made perfect in your weakness! You will remember that you can do All Things Through Christ who strengthens you!

So, you’ll get up.
You’ll put on that whole armor.
In His strength; you’ll go on
You will. You can. You must continue;
Living a Christian Life.

By Alphonso Sensley II

God Is Near

Your Highness extends past the highest of heights; Yet Your arms are not shortened to guide me each night.

Your presence manifested in the future, present, and past. Standing outside of time; the universe in Your hands.

You deal with me kindly. You patiently lead. You see every struggle. You meet every need.
You bring clarity and peace, I can finally see. You’re closer to me than the air that I breathe.

By Alphonso Sensley II

I Smiled

I Smiled when I realized.
Your Hope is painted in the sunrise.
I Rejoiced when I discovered.
My Prayers never go unheard.
I Danced when I became aware.
Your Loving Kindness made me heir.
I Leapt when I heard.
The Good News of Your word.
I Sang, then I slept.
In Your presence, I’m content.
I Laughed at fears attempt.
Your Joy is always my Strength.

By Alphonso Sensley II

Place of Worship

There is no place in this world that I feel more alive. The place where all of me, worships all of You. You lift my head. You restore my soul. You heal my heart. You give life to my bones.

I find my purpose when I put down my plan. An abandoned life of worship, surrendered to Your hand. I find my contentment when I commit it all to You. I’m Holding nothing back, Im running towards Your Truth.

By Alphonso Sensley II

Heart of Worship

Songs of praise that rise from a grateful heart. Alone in a field the Shepard worships with his harp. His songs won’t wow a crowd. The words won’t draw applause.
Yet he plays, yet he worships; for The One who created it all.

By Alphonso Sensley II