Place of Worship

There is no place in this world that I feel more alive. The place where all of me, worships all of You. You lift my head. You restore my soul. You heal my heart. You give life to my bones.

I find my purpose when I put down my plan. An abandoned life of worship, surrendered to Your hand. I find my contentment when I commit it all to You. I’m Holding nothing back, Im running towards Your Truth.

By Alphonso Sensley II

Heart of Worship

Songs of praise that rise from a grateful heart. Alone in a field the Shepard worships with his harp. His songs won’t wow a crowd. The words won’t draw applause.
Yet he plays, yet he worships; for The One who created it all.

By Alphonso Sensley II


Strong Expectation, Unyielding Hope.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a place where we believe but we don’t fully expect. Where we have hope, but it’s dim and circumspect.

God wants us to have a strong expectation, an unyielding hope. Though the storms of life rage, faith keeps us afloat. Though the passing of time makes us slow, old, and grey; we stand on His promise, each morning we pray….

God help me renew my mind. Help me redeem the time. May my eyes stay on you; so that Your peace and joy I’ll find.
You alone are my portion. You alone are my shield. Lord in You I will trust; so before You I yield.
Lead me on the mountain. Walk me through the valley. Dwell inside my heart; an everlasting fountain.
May my Strong Expectation be fanned aflame by Your word. May my Confidence be rekindled, and my Hope forever burn.

By Alphonso Sensley II


I pray for a Soulmate.
Not just a pretty face.
A woman after God’s heart.
Her beauty an accessory to her faith.

I don’t want a trophy.
I just want a treasure.
To see past the outside.
To seek more than pleasure.

I want to support and protect.
To spend time and invest.
To have and to hold.
Till time makes us old.

I want a love that is real.
Not just an emotional thrill.
I want that till death do us part love.
That I’m protecting your heart love.
That I’ll defend you. I’ll uplift you,
I’ll stick with you through the cold love.

I pray for a soulmate.
I have faith, so I’ll wait.
In God’s time I will meet
My beautiful, Soulmate.

By Alphonso Sensley II

Priceless Portrait

There are light portions and dark portions to this portrait we call life.
When your focus is too narrow even a bit of darkness causes strife.

But be mindful of The One who is painting your portrait.
Be still and have faith because no brush stroke is worthless.
The dark spots, the light touches, the dull strokes; each has purpose.

Your life’s intrinsic value is only strengthened by what you’ve been through.
Your life may have dark spots, but never let them define you.
The Master made you His Masterpiece; so never believe you’re worthless.
Because every part of a Masterpiece, was planned and designed on purpose.

By Alphonso Sensley II

When God Shows Up

I dreamed I woke up in a barren forest. The air smelt like smoke. All the trees were bare and blackened from fire. As far as I could see, there was no life to be seen. It looked like the entire forest had been destroyed by fire. I sat down on a charred log and thought to myself; “This forest is going to take a long time to grow back”. As I was still thinking; God showed up.

As God walked though the barrenness; Beautiful green Grass sprung up wherever he placed His feet. As He moved, Flowers of every color instantly rose from the charred ground. As He breathed, the blackened scorched bark on all the trees cracked and fell away. Their branches lifted and bloomed with vibrant green leaves. He reached down and touched the ground; and an explosion of life, beauty, and color went forth from His hands.

In an instant, He brings the dead to life. He makes the barren fruitful. He breathes life into the lifeless. He heals what’s sick. He mends what’s broken. He makes beauty from ashes. When God touches something, it doesn’t stay the same. When God shows up, life shows up, joy shows up, hope shows up, strength shows up, love shows up.

Invite God into your heart. Invite Him into the broken and barren places. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime. He can transform it in an instant. Just invite Him in, I promise, you’ll never be the same.

By Alphonso Sensley